The idea of Faithful Champions started out due to the absence of Christian soccer apparel. I wanted a product that had a simple and clean design but also represented the most meaningful thing to me in life: my Faith in Jesus.

I began to think that I must start a business that can fill this void. 

As a young Christian Athlete, I am 100% committed to expanding God's Kingdom and cultivating a culture that serves you with premium quality. 

Faithful Champions donates 10% of all proceeds to a new charity each month. As a Christian company, we believe it is our duty to give back to others because the Lord has blessed us.

I am a soccer player for a Division One Soccer team in the United States called Liberty University. Liberty is one of the largest Christian universities in the U.S. In starting this business I hoped to find products that I could sell at the University and give to my teammates. 

In His Glory,
Matthew Torrell - CEO/Founder