Interested In Team Orders?

Unlock the power of collaboration with our team orders! Elevate your team with customized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Discover the seamless integration of quality and faith – because together, we achieve greatness. Connect with us today to explore exclusive team offerings and elevate your collective success. 

Team Order Pricing:

Grip Socks

20-50 Pairs: $12/Pc

51-100 Pairs: $10/Pc

101+ Pairs: $8/Pc

Shin Guards

20-50 Pairs: $16/Pc

51-100 Pairs: $14/Pc

101+ Pairs: $12/Pc

Wondering If You Can Customize Colors?

For team orders, we allow customization of colors for bulk orders of 50+ Pairs. Email us your specific needs and we can help out!

Want Different Products For Your Team? 

Email us at to learn more about our bulk discounts for other products.